Now Launching: The Asteroid Fist Bump!

Ok dads & mums, so today we invented the ASTEROID FIST BUMP in our home laboratory and now share it for the Common Good of All Kidkind:

1. Do a normal Fist Bump, awarded according to the local standard criteria

2. But that is where ASTEROID FIST BUMP gets awesome. Yes, more awesome than a normal Fist Bump. And maybe even better than the one in Big Hero 6. Big call, we know.

3. The adult’s fist becomes an asteroid and lumbers through space in a scientifically straight line looking for something important to collide with.

4. Then if the kid has BLOWN THE ADULT’S MIND the asteroid explodes on the adult’s forehead (fan the fingers, blow the cheeks out BOOOM).

5. Or if the kid has ROCKED THE ADULT’S HEART AND SOUL then the asteroid explodes on the adult’s chest BOOOM. A dramatic “you got me right here kid!” may be added to amp up the special effects magic.

Now go forth armed with ASTEROID FIST BUMP for celebrating your kid’s small steps and giant leaps.


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