Ways to join us

Here are a few ways you can use Town Hall Dads to get connected and informed, whether you’re a dad or someone else who cares about healthy fatherhood:

Facebook.com/townhalldads is the easiest way to join our feed and discussion of ideas, news, links and other posts. We will post there most regularly. 

– Follow @townhalldads on Twitter for the public news and issues we want to take to the wider world and debate there. 

– Follow this page and you’ll be notified when articles we write are posted. These are less frequent, but they are the best quality original writing we can manage, on fatherhood and related topics. 

– Start your own group email or social media page. Use our hashtag #heartoffatherhood to receive and post what other groups and pages started through us are up to. 

It’s your fatherhood, but it affects everyone – We all win if dads are doing well. 


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