Intro and guidelines…

Welcome to Town Hall Dads!

Here is our logo, which I made up on my phone on the train on the way to the football.

We’re that kind of page.

The name Town Hall Dads came out of the groups we’ve run for dads at town halls, community centres and early parenting centres around Melbourne, Australia.
Now we want to go large, making the kind of information and engagement dads got in those sessions available to dads far and wide.

The idea is networking. Getting dads of all ages and life stages talking, sharing useful content and tips, and supporting each other.

Please help get dads you know connected – send them a link to this page and our Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Couple of guidelines:
– Please feel free to post useful, constructive content, comment and support for fellow dads.
– Please refrain from derogatory, unhelpful or unfounded remarks.
– Note that we are not a Men’s Movement or MRA page. We support gender equity and are respectful of mums, women generally and transgender parents.
– Please remember that kids benefit from mutual respect shown by parents towards one another. No one wins when dads and mums attack each other, but kids lose out more than anyone.

Any questions about the page, please email me


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